The El Bosque project led by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli is based on the concept of “your room in a tree” and the idea of building a 10-story building-forest whose skin creates a new slice of nature in the urban façade of L’Hospitalet.
The building has four façades organized in a dense and functional way and its skin gives the building and the new neighborhood a unique identity. This skin creates a new nature formed by a surface of stainless steel metallic cables that hold up 6,500 smart sheets with three LEDS, a photovoltaic panel, a battery and a CPU which, depending on the amount of energy collected during the day, turns on seven of the possible predetermined colors at night. Under night’s blanket, the day’s light can still shine.
The building’s skin expresses the architect and developer’s sustainable philosophy.

A1_Visualización Gran Via

In the gap between the building and the skin a microclimate, a species of breathing space for the neighborhood, was created by the vertical garden and the inclusion of natural green coverings across the façade and the roof. The basement houses the garage, the kitchen, the storerooms, and other hotel services. The ground floor, half underground, hosts the bar and the sitting area which includes a library. The restaurant, lined with plasma screens that look like animated wallpaper, spills over into the garden in the summer. And the 135 rooms can be found in the next ten stories up.
In 2006, the MOMA of New York chose this innovative project for its exhibition on new Spanish architecture.

A5_Fotos Maqueta MoMA