The project of the Habitat’s headquarters pulled together in one three-story building all the company’s departments that had previously been scattered throughout Barcelona. The project’s is based on the idea of having floors as open and light-filled as possible following the open floor design, drafted as open spaces lined with lacquered wood panels in bright and shiny colors to accentuate the brightness.

It was conceived as a palette of chromatic contrasts with the white of the continual magnesite flooring, the white of the Formica work tables, the matte steel of the interior fixtures and the blue of the Formica of some pieces of larger furniture.
The light colored birch finished in matte and the fixtures, lacquered to luster in a variety of contrasting colors, create a warm atmosphere in reception, the meeting rooms, the training room, the café, and the R&R room.
The transparent glass of the partitions and interior fixtures, designed by the architects, aim to give the floor a clear cadence and make it easy to find your way around. Several work areas are clearly differentiated..


The floors receive light and natural ventilation from the three façades and an interior patio which was renovated and expanded to augment visibility between the two middle floors. The spiral staircase, made of white concrete and black marble and in front of the main hall’s elevators, connects the building’s public areas.
The commercial offices on the ground floor were turned into an exhibition room, open to the street and divided by two large semitransparent dark blue colored glass panes, where the company’s projects are on public display in a translucent backlit strip.