A reading of Barcelona as a horizontal as well as vertical city inspired this building. Its foundation is inserted into the horizontal city, its vertical body and roof are part of the vertical city. This morphology creates a play on volume, with a “cubic” building that acts as a counterpoint to its surroundings and to the tower, a rectangular parallelepiped split lengthwise in two with one of the halves twisted towards the sky.

Skyline Bcn-000783

Its functional organization is the logical consequence of this architectural situation. Activities related to movement and meeting (hall, restaurants, meeting rooms, pool and bars) are located on the building’s ground floor. The main unit accommodates private and double rooms as well as suites that look out over the sea or to the mountains, with views of the Sagrada Familia.


The hotel’s interior design and comfort are based on the stunning views offered by each room, like an enormous screen displaying the city’s landscape.
The tower stands out against Barcelona’s skyline like a metal needle: a “jewel” full of life, with red, blue, and green pieces of glass sprinkled randomly around the façade like an gigantic kaleidescope. At night, the tower turns into an urban lighthouse, a bright symbol of la Diagonal.