Hotel Capital is a three-star establishment in two distinct shapes located near the Montjuïc fairgrounds. Although urban planning regulations stipulated that only one building could be erected on the property, the architect found a solution: split one body into two. One is light concrete with the top three glassed-in floors facing the fairgrounds and the other made of pieces of dark gray concrete.   This solution created a clearly defined vertical circulation space, filled with light and air, in the gap between both.   Wood was the material chosen to frame the main spaces in the hotel to contrast with the other main materials of concrete and glass.
The hotel is approached through a circular space closed by laminated wooden boards 8 to 16 feet high. To get to the hotel’s reception and restaurant, guests must cross a pond over a wooden footbridge covered by a laminated glass pergola which filters the light to a pleasant hue.
The atmosphere could be described by two words: sobriety and simplicity. The lighting was designed by the architect and the furniture, meticulously chosen, includes designer pieces like the Federico Correa and Alfonso Milà Cadaqués couches and armchairs for Santa & Cole.