AlTrapo is an original restaurant and showcooking concept, with an edgy and elegant style, redefined by the Corada Figueras studio with a new design that reproduces the essence of chef Paco Morales to the letter. The kitchen has cutting-edge innovations like the “open kitchen” or the “dark room,” a more technical space reserved for complex preparations with no heat located near the dining room so that the each dish’s prep and finishing touches are carried out nearby.


Thirty-three year old chef Paco Morales is at the helm of the kitchen. He has a 2010 Michelin star under his belt and is considered one of the fasting rising stars in cooking in Spain. With impeccable technical preparation and a vast knowledge of his ingredients, Paco Morales prepares his food to empathize with his guests, offering them enjoyable and understandable dishes in which every piece is part of a greater whole.


The menu’s format has an interesting and seductive style and is divided into “sensations or seasons,” giving guests total control over how they design their meal, combining or sharing dishes, ways of eating and flavors through the eight sections: “Eat with your hands and lick your fingers,” “Soft and elegant,” “It’s getting hot in here,” “Sea on the plateau,” “From just around the corner,” “So far yet so close,” “Cheeses from here and there,” and “Sweet misdemeanors.”